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China Trade™ Audit Reports are the fast, easy and cost-effective way to conduct audits and due diligence on potential suppliers and business partners in China. We offer On-Demand due diligence services including a Basic China Trade™ Audit Report, which verifies and authenticate the basic business operations of a firm, and a Detailed China Trade™ Audit Report, which includes a full management and manufacturing audit. Our On-Demand Reports available for all companies in China including:

  • Anposi Products Ltd.
  • Harbin Dashi Foods Co., Ltd.
  • Harbin Hopeful Star Co., Ltd.
  • Harbin Panco Automotive Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Harbin Yingfa Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Heilongjiang Wondersun Healthy Food Co., Ltd.
  • Magnetic Enterprises Ltd.
  • Mudanjiang Bosen Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Mudanjiang Fengda Chemicals Import and Export Corporation
  • Mudanjiang Import and Export Native Products Co., Ltd.
  • Seekingfashion Co., Ltd.
  • Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Co., Ltd.
  • Zhongda Chemical Building Material Co., Ltd.

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Basic Report     US$249.95*
Detailed Report US$649.95*
Inspection        US$279.95*

*Additional transportation fee may apply
*Price reflects daily rate and includes any applicable promotional discounts